Lights out

We are in the dark at PH.

A big storm ripped through town, taking down a tree on Montgomery Avenue in its wake.
But! We had a great weekend in Virginia. We went to a ball game in DC on the 4th. 70 degrees and sunny!

We relaxed with our newest friend, C.

We celebrated with our good friends and the beautiful couple A&E at their wedding. It was wonderful.
Last night, we bought a new bike, a Trek Madone, and took it for a ride this evening before the storms arrived. It rides like a dream!

That’s about it! Looking forward to another summer week!

Friday Night Lights

The weekend started at 6pm, when I got home from work. We made our way for Thai food and then to The Greeks Next Door in Narberth for really good beer. Due to Pennsylvania’s crazy liquor laws, you can have a dollar off a draft if you “shop” around the store for a bit. We obliged.

Then we walked around Narberth, which is so beautiful. Old, charming houses and sweet little neighborhoods. Below, one of my favorite hangouts:

We came home and watched a tornado special on The Weather Channel and were surprised (pleasantly so) by an Eastern European Foz, in training for the next Olympics (winter, naturally):

Tim just hollered, “Is my Heidegger biography on my nightstand?”
It is. I am reading my new book, and will be asleep by 11.
All in all, a very successful Friday night.

Summer Solstice




Above: Huevos Rancheros for Sunday breakfast, cycling in Daretown NJ, Cream Valley Chocolate Peanut Butter Sundae, Ali’s expert watermelon carving (filled with watermelon, cucumber, mint, and french feta salad)

A relaxing weekend filled with lots of cycling (32mi on Saturday, 27mi on Sunday), good food, and late night walks to soak up the summer solstice sun.

We finished the weekend by watching US-Portugal with friends. Ali and I joked that the bars of New Bedford, Fall River, and Taunton must have been pretty tense. Seeing all the Portuguese flags and colors made us both think of home. This week we’ll have to cook up some linguica and break open a box of Hoo-Mei Chow Mein.

Have a great week, everyone!

This and that

Until next year, Mid-Atlantic Retina. According to Dr. F., my retinas are “perfectly flat.”

Enjoying a new find, Cream Valley. Twice.

Learning German, courtesy of duolingo.

A fantastic gift from Tim. I’ve been drooling over this book for months. More about the Cape Cod Modern House Trust here. More about the book here.

Reading the posthumously-published works by Marina Keegan. Her story was brought to my attention by the well-read Moz. Reviews here and here. Our libraries are so good here. Waiting for a book to become available makes me appreciate it all the more.

Meanwhile, in Bryn Mawr

We’ve been waiting for some opportunities to arise, so we’ve been distracting ourselves with the following:

Tim rented The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou after our Cousteau adventure on Friday night. I also inquired about a complete set of The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau and here is the email reply:

Hi Alison,

The set is in good condition, although some books do have shelf wear and
small tears to the bottom edges of the spine. The pages are in very good
condition. Let me know if you have any more questions.


Hmmm…it may be a valuable contribution to our library.
We have been monitoring our deck crops:

Herbs, including orange mint, oregano, Italian parsley, and German thyme

Vining Mandevilla

Jasper tomatoes

Tim’s jalapeƱo plant

We have both been wary of eating anything that grows in F. Ave soil, but all of these crops are safely grown in organic potting soil. In a later post, we will explore the flora and fauna of F. Ave.





Riding bikes in Jersey, dinner and games with friends, reading in our hammocks, my afternoon nap. A quiet, relaxing weekend to prepare for a busy week ahead.

Interesting weekend articles:
“For Some Retirees, A Second Act is Easier than Expected”
“The Mark of Cane” (A 22 year-old reflects on losing his sight after failed retinal detachment surgeries)