“Make this drive-in a regular habit.”

Last night, we treated Mozzie to dinner and a double-feature for her upcoming birthday. We went to dinner at Karoo, a South African restaurant. It was very good and I particularly liked the atmosphere. At Moz’s suggestion, we went to the Wellfleet Drive-In for a double feature of Minions and Inside Out. 

 We had never been to the drive-in, and it was so much fun! I would definitely return. It has a retro feel and makes watching a movie fun and comfortable. The best part was seeing Mozzie so happy. She was telling us about all the fun times she had at the drive-in while she was growing up. 

 What a blast! I loved the advertisements, the national anthem at the start, and the concession ads. Also, the original speakers (from 1957!) worked really well. 

   We can’t wait to return. Until then, there are a few in Tampa. Thank you, Mozzie, for introducing us to this fun pastime! 


Also, Tim was able to take an introductory fly-fishing class at Black Eel Outfitters. He had a great time and learned a lot. He is hoping to fish in Florida soon.  

We have been having a great time in Massachusetts, visiting lots of family and friends. It has been a very relaxing trip. Just what we both needed! 


On Thursday, we went to a local blueberry farm. It was the second day of harvest and a beautiful day. Below are a couple photos from our quiet morning.  


 We have also spent a lot of time at the beach, especially at sunset. The tides have been low. Every night is different, but it is reassuring to know the beach is always there, forever. 


 We are enjoying the weekend with Tim, Meredith, and Andy. We are so fortunate to have such good friends, family, and places. 

In Tampa and on Cape

Last week, we packed up Pennsylvania and made the 1,000 mile journey south to our new home.   


The drive was (thankfully) uneventful. We had three drivers and two cars. Our first night was spent in Latta, South Carolina after a fried chicken dinner. We then resumed, driving through Georgia to Florida. We decided to stop at the Florida-Georgia line to pick up some grapefruit juice and snap a few photos.  


We arrived in Tampa in the early evening, picked up the keys from our realtor, and ate a delicious pizza at the Mellow Mushroom. We moved in the next day without incident (other than the movers from across the street who backed into my car. But that’s being addressed). Our move went very smoothly, thank goodness! 
Our single-story Florida house is bigger than purple house. It is really lovely, with a great lawn and lots of character. Below, a photo of us on the front porch and a shot of the backyard from the master bedroom.  


We brought Andy to check out the university and to Clearwater beach. The water was 87 degrees! The weather is fairly consistent, as you can see in this screenshot: 


It would thunder for a little while in the afternoon but rarely rained. The exception was the afternoon we flew back to Boston, where a major storm delayed us about 3 hours. Yikes! 

One of my favorite aspects of the short trip to Tampa was walking around our neighborhood. There are so many sweet bungalows and wild plants. We are fortunate to have lots of local breweries, restaurants and coffee shops, as well.  Below are some flower from one of our nightly walks.


We are now back in Massachusetts and enjoying some much-needed relaxation. We spent a few days on the Cape this week, where the weather was beautiful and cool. 

Now we are in Easton, anticipating a barbecue with family and friends tomorrow and enjoying a little of this: 

And this: 

Happy to be home! 

Best of Pennsylvania

Tim lived in Pennsylvania for nine years, and I lived in the Bryn Mawr area for five. We have so many good memories and photos, so I thought I’d share some of them with you.
First and foremost, we had a blast hosting our families and friends. These are several of my favorite photos:









Bryn Mawr is a beautiful place to live in all seasons, but is especially pretty in winter and spring. We spent a lot of time outdoors, both close to home and in the surrounding areas. Hiking at Valley Forge, the Pinnacle, and Lehigh Gap were some of our favorites. Below, a few of our adventures:











And, finally, there was Purple House (PH). It’s hard to write about this special little house. We know every creaky floorboard, how to work its cantankerous heating/cooling system, and the perfect way to shim up Wolfgang (our clock) so that he would run (somewhat) on time. We had parties, visitors, study sessions, and fantasy football draft planning. It was very hard to say goodbye. Below, some photos of the house that is loved by so many:










We are now in Tampa, and will provide a recap of the move in our next post. Thank you to all and everything that made Pennsylvania so special. We love you!

Best of New Jersey

Over the past three years, we have spent nearly every weekend in the spring, summer, and fall riding our bikes in southern New Jersey. We have grown very fond of the area. On Friday, we said goodbye. Below are some of the highlights from our many rides.


We will miss the quiet farms, the rustling of the wheat, the horses, the cows. We will miss the little downtowns, our favorite roads, and our beloved Cream Valley Custard. We are looking forward to new Florida roads, but they will not be Jersey. 

We are settling into our hotel in South Carolina and will drive the remaining 500 miles to our new home tomorrow. Stay tuned for a best of Pennsylvania post.  

Breaking News!

The Corolla will spend her golden years (or months, or weeks) in the Sunshine State. She passed her checkup and is headed south next month. She shined a little brighter today:

(This photo has been edited.)

We had our doubts, but the Rolly set us straight. Meredith said it best:



…we are moving to Florida! Tim has accepted a tenure-track position at a university in the Tampa area. We are beyond excited. The job process was very long and taught us a lot about ourselves. I could not be happier for Tim–he worked relentlessly for this job. He was optimistic when it was grim, he compiled outstanding materials, and he never compromised his own ethics. I am very proud of him.

We flew to Florida a couple of weeks ago to see he university and try to find a rental home. Below are some photos of the school, which is gorgeous.






We drove around for about 500 miles, exploring the area and looking for homes. Florida is fairly new in comparison with the rest of the East Coast. While living in Pennsylvania, we have loved our old (115 year-old) Purple House. It looked like it would be challenging to find an “older” home. But!




We found a 1926 bungalow in the older section of town. We were smitten and put an application in right away (we drove to the realtor’s office with credit scores and W2s in hand, haha). We got it! The room over the garage is actually a guest suite. Perfect! We have the keys on July 1.

After the application was in, we drove to Clearwater Beach. It is so beautiful and only about 40 minutes from the house.

We drove down the coast and stopped at state park beaches along the way.

It was a great trip. We are really excited about living in the area. Obviously the weather is fantastic. I love the beach and miss it when I am not within reasonable driving distance. I love coastal culture–the beach shacks, the food, and seeing people so happy. I love to swim and read on the beach. We had to keep pinching ourselves. However, we both know that with this opportunity comes new challenges. It will not be easy. We are away from family and friends. We will both have new jobs and need to learn a new area. We will be living in a tourist-centered culture. Yet we are so ready for this adventure. We can’t help but be happy and excited. We are so grateful to those who supported and encouraged us throughout this process–especially our parents and families.

And now the work begins. We are hoping to put a deposit down on movers today. We have signed our lease. We continue our selling, purging, and organizing. We are buying those big cardboard moving boxes and rolls of bubble-wrap. Purple House is rented to a nice couple from Brooklyn. Another chapter begins.


House photos by Coldwell Banker.

It’s been awhile

Wow! Poor blog has been abandoned for a bit. It’s been an exciting Spring in this neck of the woods. A lot has happened since Easter and we are taking today to relax and process both the old and the new.

Last month, we went to Bethany Beach, DE for a metric century ride. Tim was able to try out his new bike and we soaked up the summer temperatures and seaside sunshine.





Spring in Pennsylvania is stunning and it is a welcome reprieve after a long, cold winter. Below are some of the rainbows and showy blossoms around the Purple House:





We have some big (huge) news to report in the coming weeks. All is fine, but it explains the silence in this space. Until then, we hope you and yours are enjoying the beauty that abounds this time of year.