two years

Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary! We had a wonderful day with absolutely stunning weather. We started off the day with breakfast on the deck and gifts from Moz and Foz (including Cape Cod Beer t-shirts for the traditional gift of cotton) and headed out for a day on the Outer Cape.

We started at Our Lady of the Cape in Brewster, where we had our ceremony. I love their Cape-themed stained glass:


Then Tim drove to Wellfleet for a quick lunch. We tried to get into the Beachcomber but the wait and the shuttle (!) from a beach 3/4 mile away dissuaded us. We had a sandwich and headed to Provincetown.






Above: the neighborhoods of Provincetown, the view from the dock, beachfront at St. Mary’s of the Harbor, Commercial Street, and Tim’s Used Books (where Tim did buy a book! A neat place).

After a snack at the Portuguese bakery of Malassadas (fried dough), we left Provincetown for North Truro to see Highland Lighthouse:

IMG_0813 IMG_0815


…and back to the Beachcomber! It was packed. It was impossible to get near the bar, but we were able to get down to the beach. Below are some pictures of Tim. I was tempted to get into the water, but was concerned about losing my glasses!





After Cahoon Hollow, we drove back to mid-Cape for a delicious dinner at Inaho in Yarmouth. The sushi was excellent (Tim said it was the best he’s had since Vancouver).

It was a wonderful day…I am so grateful for my husband and for the fact that we enjoy spending time together. As Chelsea mentioned yesterday, she couldn’t picture one of us without the other. Tim always makes me want to be better in all areas of my life. Thank you, Tim!


Recovery update: I have been feeling better this week. My eyesight is slowly returning in my right eye, but my peripheral vision is still not great (my family jokes that if you are on my right side, I won’t see you coming, and it’s true!). I haven’t driven yet (I am working on it over the next few days), and my eyes fatigue quickly. Reading small print is still a challenge.



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