We are back in Pennsylvania after an uneventful car ride.


-fall is around the corner and it brings cooler weather, relaxing in the hammock without being bitten, apple picking, and football games

-thoughtful friends who collected our mail (and car!), mowed our lawn, and watched the house during our time away

-sweet cards and gifts among the medical bills (a homemade anniversary card from T&M, brownies from the Ps! Thank you!!)

-a husband who can decipher aforementioned medical bills and put things into perspective. I can’t imagine what people do without insurance and with no one to help in understanding the charges. Not to mention the astronomical sums for people with catastrophic illness or injury. My heart breaks for them. We can do better.

-little reminders: summer house natural soaps, an old Maine plate, a piece of blown glass from Sydenstricker

-Listening to Birdy (recommended by Ross)

-A day to get everything in order and see the doctor before returning to work on Thursday

-Tonight, putting aside the suitcases to spend time together






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