2013-08-12 19.42.52

Gray’s Beach, Yarmouthport

For those who love Cape Cod, there are only two directions that really matter: on-cape and off-cape. Forget about the four cardinals of north, south, east, and west.

On-Cape is the smell of garlic from the crouton factory near the start of Rt. 25. It is the anticipation as you strain to catch your first glimpse of the Bourne Bridge as it appears over the trees. On-Cape means that you soon will be eating Sundae School and Captain Frosty’s.

Off-Cape is the necessary return to the reality on the other side of the bridge. It is school, jobs, to-do lists. It is the static of your favorite Cape radio station as you lose its signal.

Importantly, however, neither on-cape or off-cape is possible without the other. Without off-cape, and the meaningful work it implies, there could not be an on-cape. Thus, as Ali and I settle back into our normal routines, we are excited to be off-cape. It is great to see our Pennsylvania friends again and to prepare for my final year at VU.  We have a stack of board games to play. Purple House will soon be in its fall glory. The bike riding in South Jersey will only get better in the months ahead.

And, when the time is right, all of these things will make possible another opportunity to head on-cape.


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