Winter Wonderland

Over the weekend, it snowed about 6 inches. As usual, we went for a walk. Here’s a bit of what we saw:




Earlier last week, Lars stopped running. He brought us to and from Massachusetts and even drove our little Christmas tree home. That was his last trip. We have had him looked at by reputable mechanics, but he refuses to start. I was very sad. As Tim told me, his spirit is driving the hills of Sweden. Below, Lars in happier times, bringing home our tree (aka Short Stack):


Upon Lars’s passing from this world to the next, we had to find a new car. After a lot of research, we went to Princeton, NJ to test drive a 2012 VW Golf. We loved it!!! It’s so much fun. And beautiful, and reliable! We will provide more photos soon, but blow is a quick snapshot of Klaus Dieter (pronounced Kl-ow-se; a good German name):

We will pick him up tomorrow night.

Today, it snowed another 6″ and went for another walk. It was very pretty and Christmasy. Below, a little bush outside of Shipley School:


That’s it for now!



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