The Riches of the Sea

Tonight we went for dinner at a local cafe with a book swap. On the shelf was this beauty:

Yes! Copyright 1973. I immediately grabbed it and began to read aloud (sorry Tim). The photos, in their grainy 70s splendor, along with the word choice and stellar font, are fantastic. Some highlights:

“The greatest riches are those of the heart…”

Solar and wind power!

“The consumption of raw fish is repugnant to most Westerners, but once they try sashimi, their distaste usually turns to delight.” Agreed!

“But like all old friends, she too has her limits…”

So cool.

Tim and I agreed that the book was reminiscent of middle school library encyclopedia volumes. Turns out Cousteau has twenty volumes in this series! I left it on the shelf for others to enjoy and I will keep an eye out for its companions.

Shortly after leaving the cafe, Moz and Foz sent this view of Corporation Beach:

“…the sea is capable of literally flooding us with aesthetic and intellectual joys.” -JC

Have a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “The Riches of the Sea

  1. “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever” – Thank you both for posting all these great pictures! I look forward to the next update in my mailbox!


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