Meanwhile, in Bryn Mawr

We’ve been waiting for some opportunities to arise, so we’ve been distracting ourselves with the following:

Tim rented The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou after our Cousteau adventure on Friday night. I also inquired about a complete set of The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau and here is the email reply:

Hi Alison,

The set is in good condition, although some books do have shelf wear and
small tears to the bottom edges of the spine. The pages are in very good
condition. Let me know if you have any more questions.


Hmmm…it may be a valuable contribution to our library.
We have been monitoring our deck crops:

Herbs, including orange mint, oregano, Italian parsley, and German thyme

Vining Mandevilla

Jasper tomatoes

Tim’s jalapeño plant

We have both been wary of eating anything that grows in F. Ave soil, but all of these crops are safely grown in organic potting soil. In a later post, we will explore the flora and fauna of F. Ave.



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