Summer Solstice




Above: Huevos Rancheros for Sunday breakfast, cycling in Daretown NJ, Cream Valley Chocolate Peanut Butter Sundae, Ali’s expert watermelon carving (filled with watermelon, cucumber, mint, and french feta salad)

A relaxing weekend filled with lots of cycling (32mi on Saturday, 27mi on Sunday), good food, and late night walks to soak up the summer solstice sun.

We finished the weekend by watching US-Portugal with friends. Ali and I joked that the bars of New Bedford, Fall River, and Taunton must have been pretty tense. Seeing all the Portuguese flags and colors made us both think of home. This week we’ll have to cook up some linguica and break open a box of Hoo-Mei Chow Mein.

Have a great week, everyone!


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