Recipes for a windy weekend

This weekend was cold and windy here in Pennsylvania. Yesterday, I put away all my summer clothes, washed the sheets and comforters, and cooked.

I  made a couple of great recipes that we will definitely repeat–Cheese Tortellini and Mushroom Soup (adapted from Skinnytaste) and Lowfat Banana Bread (adapted from Epicurious).

For the soup, I added kale and substituted frozen tortellini instead of fresh (frozen tends to be less expensive and just as good). We also added some hot sauce, but the mushroom flavor deepens over a couple of days and you don’t really need it. It’s a great, warming soup that has a different flavor profile. Since we live near the “mushroom capital of the world” (aka Kennett Square) we are hoping to try this soup with some other types of mushrooms. NOTE: avoid button mushrooms. Woody, heartier mushrooms are better in this soup.

The banana bread was really, really good (in my opinion). I tend to avoid “low-fat” recipes because they often include qustionable ingredients, such as artificial sweeteners or fats. This banana bread has only 1 tbsp of oil and no butter. I used nonfat Greek yogurt instead of the buttermilk (worked great and adds protein) and added walnuts and dark chocolate chips. It makes a large loaf. The mixing and sifting of the dry ingredients makes a big difference in the density of the loaf. Some other interesting substitutions could be coconut oil in place of vegetable, white whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose, and raw sugar instead of granulated.


Today, we went for a very windy 30 mile ride in New Jersey. Wow! It was quite a challenge. I still loved being out there with Tim, though! Fortunately, I think my spinning classes have helped a little bit with handling resistance.

Excited for our week ahead!

Photo from our trip to Terrain.


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