A very happy birthday

We had a great birthday weekend! It started on Friday night with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. A classic!

Tim was a moderator at the local Ethics Bowl competition, so I had Saturday morning to myself. Barre 3 had emailed a free birthday class and I went for a quick workout. Then I went over to Viking Pastries to pick up my cake. Wow! Tim had outdone himself! Marble cake covered in chocolate shavings. Tim was home for lunch and we headed over to Pinkberry for my free birthday yogurt. I’m telling you, it’s a good thing that place is so expensive or I’d be there all.the.time. Pomegranate frozen yogurt with berries! Yum.

I had the good fortune of having game night fall on my birthday. It was one of my most memorable and thoughtful birthdays ever.


Meredith had decorated beautifully, as always, and her special touches make everyone feel appreciated.

Then, we had a wonderful surprise–a birthday video from Amanda, Paul and Max! All the way from Belgium! Max prepared us a cake and “poured” Tim a special birthday beer. It was so nice to see those three! We miss you, Amanda, Paul, and Max!

Then we had another special surprise. Each member of the group had prepared something to say about the two of us. I was overwhelmed by the heartfelt comments, a reading, and a poem. It is something that we will remember forever. Our friends are truly our Pennsylvania family, and we are so grateful for them.

We sat down for a delicious cake, dinner, and games.





We left with happy hearts, Nutella, cards, and a beautiful plant that I enjoyed all day today:


What a beautiful birthday. Thank you so much to everyone who extended their well-wishes. I love you all!

This week we will be heading home to eat some turkey and celebrate this guy:


Have a happy and safe start to your week!

Photos of us and the monster cake by Chelsea, FB photo here.



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