November, December

The holiday season is flying by! Our time in Massachusetts was great, as always. We were lucky to make it home before the bad weather hit Philadelphia. A note to fellow travelers: Security opens at 4:30am. If you wake up at 1:30am and think it’s a good idea to be at the airport by 2:45am, you should probably roll over and go back to sleep.

We feasted on Tim’s peanut butter cheesecake:


Thanksgiving was delicious! It was especially wonderful to have everyone together to share the meal and play some 31:

On Tuesday, we went to Wegmans for our weekly shopping and found a 24 lb turkey on a deep discount. Always looking for a way to connect with friends and family, we bought the Grand Champion and enlisted three others to help us wrangle this big bird. Wegmans does it right: free range and local from the Lehigh Valley. Andy helped us brine GC and he made for a most delicious bird. We are grateful for the turkey dinner, turkey salad, turkey chili, and split pea soup.
Below, GC takes a brine bath:

We channeled Gabriel and thanked the turkey for nourishing us on our journeys:

We are enjoying our time before the holidays, reflecting on our greatest gifts–our relationships with others, our health, and our progress this year. Enjoying the quiet and peace of the season.


Above: Cape in December, Boston from the air.

Enjoy the start of your week.



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