Citrus sunshine

We just ordered 20 pounds of ruby red grapefruit and honeybells from Florida.

How do you celebrate winter?


2 thoughts on “Citrus sunshine

  1. I love the question. It’s hard to enjoy winter after Christmas, as you think of repeated indoor surroundings, many weeks until spring, etc. I love two things that you’ve pointed out, actually – the citrus (we have a few pounds of grapefruit, too!) and the light. I’ve been trying to get out more in the cold and do as the Canadians do: dress warmly and enjoy how different your favorite places look in the winter. Gladwyne Park was so interesteing last week with all the nuts and things that have fallen to the ground, the ice and snow on the river, all the people and dogs out enjoying the snow, and surprising amounts of birds. It’s amazing how warm 40-ish degrees is in full sun, too.


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