In Tampa and on Cape

Last week, we packed up Pennsylvania and made the 1,000 mile journey south to our new home.   


The drive was (thankfully) uneventful. We had three drivers and two cars. Our first night was spent in Latta, South Carolina after a fried chicken dinner. We then resumed, driving through Georgia to Florida. We decided to stop at the Florida-Georgia line to pick up some grapefruit juice and snap a few photos.  


We arrived in Tampa in the early evening, picked up the keys from our realtor, and ate a delicious pizza at the Mellow Mushroom. We moved in the next day without incident (other than the movers from across the street who backed into my car. But that’s being addressed). Our move went very smoothly, thank goodness! 
Our single-story Florida house is bigger than purple house. It is really lovely, with a great lawn and lots of character. Below, a photo of us on the front porch and a shot of the backyard from the master bedroom.  


We brought Andy to check out the university and to Clearwater beach. The water was 87 degrees! The weather is fairly consistent, as you can see in this screenshot: 


It would thunder for a little while in the afternoon but rarely rained. The exception was the afternoon we flew back to Boston, where a major storm delayed us about 3 hours. Yikes! 

One of my favorite aspects of the short trip to Tampa was walking around our neighborhood. There are so many sweet bungalows and wild plants. We are fortunate to have lots of local breweries, restaurants and coffee shops, as well.  Below are some flower from one of our nightly walks.


We are now back in Massachusetts and enjoying some much-needed relaxation. We spent a few days on the Cape this week, where the weather was beautiful and cool. 

Now we are in Easton, anticipating a barbecue with family and friends tomorrow and enjoying a little of this: 

And this: 

Happy to be home! 



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