“Make this drive-in a regular habit.”

Last night, we treated Mozzie to dinner and a double-feature for her upcoming birthday. We went to dinner at Karoo, a South African restaurant. It was very good and I particularly liked the atmosphere. At Moz’s suggestion, we went to the Wellfleet Drive-In for a double feature of Minions and Inside Out. 

 We had never been to the drive-in, and it was so much fun! I would definitely return. It has a retro feel and makes watching a movie fun and comfortable. The best part was seeing Mozzie so happy. She was telling us about all the fun times she had at the drive-in while she was growing up. 

 What a blast! I loved the advertisements, the national anthem at the start, and the concession ads. Also, the original speakers (from 1957!) worked really well. 

   We can’t wait to return. Until then, there are a few in Tampa. Thank you, Mozzie, for introducing us to this fun pastime! 


Also, Tim was able to take an introductory fly-fishing class at Black Eel Outfitters. He had a great time and learned a lot. He is hoping to fish in Florida soon.  

We have been having a great time in Massachusetts, visiting lots of family and friends. It has been a very relaxing trip. Just what we both needed! 



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