Heading offcape

Our time in Massachusetts has come to a close, and we are heading back to Tampa today. It is hard to believe that we have been here for five weeks. We were able to see many family members and friends, and for that, we are especially grateful. 

We spent our last few days on the Cape. We went fishing on the Suzy Q and below are a few highlights: 

We watched the sunset on August 6, and it was a pretty spectacular anniversary show: 

Yesterday was Mozzie’s birthday and it was full of surprises, including a new bike, two stuffed Labradors, Ross and Erin, presents, and a German chocolate cake from Amy’s Bread.  

It has been a great summer, and we are so grateful to everyone, but especially our parents. We love you!!!

We are heading to the airport soon, and Andy will be holding down the fort while Mark and Diane enjoy France. Speaking of France, take a look at the view from their hotel room. C’est incroyable, non? 


So long, Massachusetts! See you in December. 



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