Wow! It’s December.

I am having trouble sleeping, and our little blog is a bit threadbare, so here’s a visual update on our fall/early winter (?) lives:

 October: Jussaumes visit (how do we not photo document such events?), continued settling in, century ride on the east coast (of Florida). Above: Cocoa Beach, waiting for the drawbridge to open at Cape Canaveral. 
November: Discovering Anna Maria Island. One hour away, sweetest little beach town. Donuts, burritos, free parking, all-day beaching. The perfect kind of Sunday. Above: Sunshine Skyway, my little beach house dream, Bolts game (or, the danger/joy of all-you-can-eat buffets), Bernie debate watch party at our place (nine strangers, all wonderful, people are really good, making connections in a new city, and Bernie, come on!), birthdays and Thanksgiving (again, no photos! Ahhh!), boat rides to the sandbar, and it’s the most wonderful time of the year (grapefruit season).  


 December (so far): It’s been really warm here. Still in the 80s. Christmas carols are kind of strange here–“I don’t know if ther’ll be snow, but have a cup of cheer.” Let me tell you, there will be no snow. But floridians are full of cheer. Flamingoes in Santa hats, palm trees with ornaments. I like it. Above: Gord is coming to Florida, we have tickets, and we are pumped. Learning Spanish for work, via an array of apps. Beach, every weekend. Tim’s holiday party–this photo makes me laugh. Do we look like prom chaperones? Haha!

So that’s a quick update. We have been adjusting to this new place and all that goes with it (jobs, weather, radio stations, you know) but we are doing well–thriving, even. This weather is incredible, people are very nice, work is hard but there is a more laid-back lifestyle here, our house is fun and comfortable, we have visitors, we have each other. We have enough. 

Over and out! For now!




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