Getting there

Hello, and happy Saturday! A switch flipped in Florida this week and now it is officially summer. See below for evidence:

Sig has taken to hiding in the shade between the trash can and the house. We are in the midst of a significant drought in central Florida. Everything is very crispy and we are hoping for some rain. I spent the morning cutting back the palms and shrubs so our backyard will not be a jungle when we return. 

This week, we have been wrapping up some odds and ends with the van. We had the sunroof and the headliner fixed. Ranger is a 14-year-old van, and his electric sunroof was not working when we bought him. In Florida, the humidity causes the headliner to peel away from the roof of the car. This results in an ugly and occasionally messy situation. Below are some unsightly photos of poor Ranger’s roof:

When we had the independent inspection done on the van, it was noted that there was no electrical/rust damage despite the issues with the sunroof. However, the tape on the top of the van was starting to peel away and it was making loud noises on the highway. The headliner was cosmetically unappealing and less urgent, but we just decided to have it done all at once. We brought it to an auto body garage that we trust and they completed all the work in a couple of days. The sunroof is sealed with a marine grade sealant, which means it will not open anymore. That’s not an issue for us. We would rather have it permanently close to prevent any future damage. Below, the after photos:

We have been packing the van to see how much space we have and what we still need. So far, things are going pretty well. We will show some pictures and provide an inventory of what we are bringing with us in a future post.

Tim has been busy with graduation activities and his end-of-year portfolio. I have been finishing up work. My last day is Tuesday. On Thursday morning, I took a picture of my beautiful Sydenstricker vase that Moz gave us for our anniversary. I usually just keep it empty on our credenza because the light that shines through it is so beautiful.

I work Monday through Thursday. This week, I said goodbye to some children that  have been working with for about two years. It is always difficult to say goodbye. On Thursday, my final patient came into the office and we went through a regular session. At the end, he ran back with a stunning bouquet of flowers. I think they look pretty great in my vase. 

Our departure is becoming more and more real. It is exciting to think that we have been able to put all the pieces in place for this dream to happen. We are getting ready for our adventure.

Have a great rest of the weekend, and a very happy birthday to Mark! We love you!



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