En Marche!

We left Tampa yesterday around noon. It was a little sad. We looked everywhere for Sig right before we left, but he was off having his own adventures. Tim K. will be caring for him over the summer, so we know Sig is in good hands.

Our drive was uneventful. We drove about 450 miles and pulled into our first stop for the night. In less scenic areas, we will be using Walmart’s generous overnight parking policy to sleep in the van (not all Walmarts offer this, so you may want to check on the All-Stays app first). Overnight security, well-lit lots, and bathrooms. When we got out of the van before we went to sleep, we noticed that one of the back tires look flat. We filled it with air and since it was 9:30 at night, we decided to wait until the morning. Most Walmarts have an auto center where they can also do tire repairs. We slept fairly well (leaf blowing and sweeping notwithstanding) and woke up this morning to this:

Ah, well. The tire center opened at 7am, and we were fortunate that they had our tire in stock (we had sidewall damage and had to buy a new tire). Joyce took care of us and we are back on the road in about an hour.

Thank you, Joyce! You are a boss and told us lots of good information about tires and how to properly use a jack on this particular van.

We are now using wifi at Starbucks, drinking good coffee, and plan to drive through Alabama, Mississippi and stop in Alexandria, Louisiana.




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