Heading west

We have arrived safely in Dallas. We are so grateful for an uneventful ride across the South. Since leaving Tampa on Monday, we have driven over a thousand miles. We saw three new-to-us states on Tuesday:

We left Pensacola in the morning and drove to Baton Rouge. Naturally, we stopped for beignets and coffee at Coffee Call. I thought they would be more like donuts, but was surprised to find that they were big pillows of fried dough. Wow! We wanted to get out of the van and walk for a bit, so we went over to LSU. It is a beautiful campus with lots of live oaks and green space. It was a nice break from driving. We then drove two hours to Alexandria, Louisiana. We are not big fried food people, but when in Rome…

The po-boys were great–not too greasy with really tender Gulf shrimp. Stuffed and sleepy, we watched a downloaded Chef’s Table on the iPad and enjoyed a good night’s sleep.

This morning, we woke up and drove out of Louisiana. I was surprised by Louisiana; I’m not sure I knew what I was expecting, but it is so green and pretty. At noon, we entered the great state of Texas!

We stopped briefly for lunch and pressed on to Dallas. We are going to stay with friends for the next two nights. It is nice to see friendly faces when traveling. 

A couple of notes on things that have been very helpful during the past couple of days:

1. All-Stays app. It has been well worth the small cost. The app provides extensive information on gas stations, showers, places to sleep, and more. 

2. Walmart. I have to admit, I am not a big fan of Walmart for several reasons. However, I am grateful that Walmart (and Cabela’s) allows free overnight parking with security. If you are traveling in a van, it is a great choice. Hotel rooms and RV parks are cost prohibitive on a kind trip like ours, but we also do not want to compromise our safety. We have purchased food (and a tire!) to show our thanks. 

3. Our National Geographic atlas. This adventure edition provides incredibly comprehensive maps on each state (and Canada), along with BLM and Forest Service sites. We do not use our phones all the time when driving to avoid using tons of data. This atlas has been fun and an essential so far. 

4. Our YETI cooler. We eat breakfast and lunch on the road (usually peanut butter sandwiches, hummus wraps, and other simple fare). The YETI still has solid ice three days after I packed it, and allows us to keep produce and refrigerated items cold for days without electricity. We were on the fence about buying one, but we are already glad that we did! 

Thanks for following along. We are grateful for all the check-ins and support. Also, a very happy 36th wedding anniversary to my wonderful parents! We love you!!! 


3 thoughts on “Heading west

  1. Great to get your update! Glad to hear it’s been smooth so far. Also, fun fact, I’m working on a proposal right now to do work with a company in Alexandria, LA! So I was looking it up on a map just the other day to see what it would take to travel there. … :/


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