Artesia, New Mexico

On Tuesday, after we explored Carlsbad Caverns, we drove north to Artesia, NM. We went to Henry’s Barbeque on Tuesday evening for dinner and on Wednesday morning for breakfast! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It hit the spot! 

One thing we learned very quickly was that Artesia loves its high school sports, especially the football team. Bulldog pride was everywhere!

We also enjoyed two visits to a local coffee shop in town, Jahva House, for great coffee and sandwiches. On Wednesday morning, we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tom Archibald. We had a great conversation and learned a lot about Artesia. He wrote us the following message and originally wanted to post to our blog comments, but it seemed to post on Instagram instead. I have copied his comments below for our parents to see, as per his request:

“Hey, Alison and Tim, I enjoyed meeting you at my ‘office’ in the local coffee shop–the JAHVA house. You two are a delightful couple. Thanks for taking my advice and going to see a non-typical high school football field right here in small town Artesia, NM. On Friday nights during football season it will be packed with thousands of folks dressed in orange cheering the winningest team in the State and the most State Championships in the USA. Some colleges would be glad to have such a facility.”

“Now, a word for your parents who no doubt read this blog. Parents, you have some great 30+ young adults. I can report to you that they are apparently having a great time and look darn good for being ‘campers.’ In Artesia, NM they were in the highly Conservative part of NM which provides 1/2 the state budget from our oil and gas production. There are hundreds of oil wells within 50 miles of this town. Soon, they will be headed up to Santa Fe, our most Liberal city. Politics aside, they will ‘blend’ well in any environment. Don’t question me! I am 81 years old and they related to me!” 

Thank you for your kindness and advice, Tom! When we left the Jahva House, we had to stop by the Bulldog Bowl, per Tom’s recommendation. What a facility! See for yourself:

We then drove up to Cloudcroft and found our campsite in the spectacular US Forest Service. We set up camp at nearly 9500 ft and went for a short hike before making dinner. We hunkered down for the evening under wool blankets and sleeping bags, keeping toasty warm despite the 30 degree temperatures. This morning, we did a seven-mile hike on the Rim Trail before heading into town for internet and coffee. 

If you are on Instagram, Tim can be found on @rangervw and I post on @offcape

Miss you all! 


5 thoughts on “Artesia, New Mexico

  1. Hi Guys, Tom sounds like a great guy and someone you will always remember fondly. He is obviously a great judge of character…..I know we have very special 30+ youngins!! So happy you are having such a wonderful trip…..I love the pic of Ranger in front of the Bowl sign….very artistic!! It sounds like the TV show Friday Night Lights might have been inspired by Artesia! Love,love your posts…look so forward to reading them! Take good care of each other and enjoy every second!!

  2. Hey, Ali, I forgot to mention another way we are civilized out here in the middle of the oil patch. One of the main oil explorers/developers for Artesia was Mr. Martin Yates. who founded Yates Petroleum Corporation. One of his sons, St. Clair Peyton Yates (S.P.) was sent by his Dad ‘back East’ to M.I.T. for graduate school 1937-38 after his B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He met a sophisticated Boston lady, Estelle, who told me in one of our visits that “he was the most handsome man she ever met.”

    S.P. & Estelle’s son, Peyton is a good friend of mine. On another day, you could have met with us at the Jahva House. He took one year at Princeton and then transferred to the U.T. Austin for his B.S. and M.S. The Yates family helped build Artesia by plowing millions back into the town — Artesia Performing Arts Center, Artesia Public Library, Estelle Yates Auditorium and on and on! Some links:


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