White Sands and Organ Mountains

We went to White Sands on Saturday. Ranger was a champ, but he stops where the pavement stops. He has a raised suspension and larger-than-the-average Eurovan tires; however, make no mistake, he is not an off-road vehicle. Driving on the sand was like driving across a million cattle guards (ask Tim how much he loves cattle guards). 

The dunes were incredible. You can take organized hikes or just wander, as we did. It’s a very harsh, beautiful environment. Below are some photos of our experience. 

We hopped back in the van and drove to the Organ Mountains and Aguirre Springs Campground. It was a very steep and winding road, but Ranger dug deep into his suitcase of courage and made it. It was a really pretty setting and we were able to hike right from the campground. 

We are heading to Silver City, NM for a couple of days before we visit Gila Cliff Dwellings

Happy Monday! Have a good week. 

P.S. Sill no word from Sig. 😢🐾


3 thoughts on “White Sands and Organ Mountains

  1. Hi Ali and Tim, I get more and more envious with every post….wow what a great trip!! Can’t wait to see you!! Love Mozzie 🙆👍👏😍


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