Welcome to Northern New Mexico

For the last couple weeks, Ali and I have been journeying across Southern New Mexico, but the time has finally come for us to move north. After our adventure in the Gila, we made the 5-hour drive from Deming to Bandelier National Monument. We really had no idea what to expect, since we did not plan to have the time to visit Bandelier (see previous post on the Gila), and had not researched it in advance of our visit. Suffice it to say that Bandelier has been a very nice surprise, and a great addition to our route.

The park itself consists of 33,000 acres of protected wilderness, with numerous Anasazi cliff dwellings and over 70 miles of hiking trails. The Visitors’ Center sits in Frijoles Canyon, a large valley that sits in between mesas on each side. Ali and I have had a great time hiking up and down the canyons, along the flat tops of the mesas, and exploring the cliff dwellings and ruins. Our campground sits on top of one of the mesas, with beautiful views of Frijoles Canyon and the Jemez Mountains immediately to our west.

Below: Anasazi ruins, Wilderness sign, Falls Hike, view of the Rio Grande from the Falls Hike, rock formations, cliff dwellings.




Below are some pictures of our camp site at Bandelier (I never know what candid photos of me will be on Ali’s camera roll – I just discovered some of these!):


We hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Northern New Mexico

  1. Awwww! Love the pics nice to see you both relaxing 😎 at least for a little bit.
    The hammock looks great…..nothing better then gently swinging in a hammock wihile reading a book! I’ve been known to do that once or twice!
    We got a lot done here at the Cape…you will hardly recognize it when you come back. Love the pic of the Rio Grande….just beautiful.
    Enjoy every minute and continue to take good care of each other!! Love you both so much……happy motoring! 🙆👀💑🌞🌙🏞🌵


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