Los Alamos

We have successfully made it to Santa Fe! But first, let’s back up…

While at Bandelier, we took a short 20 minute drive to Los Alamos, which is home to the National Laboratory. It is an interesting town that is mostly known as the birthplace of the atomic bomb. Tim and I both agreed that that the town feels like a blend of a military base (checkpoints to enter and leave) and a movie set. It is very clean and has many small cul-de-sacs with businesses that cater to the scientists, their families, and tourists. We went to Starbucks to check in with the outside world and then went to the Bradbury Science Museum, which explains the role of the Lab in national security (past, present, and future). They had exhibits on nuclear energy, but also on anatomy and renewable energy sources. 

We also had fun playing some brain games:

We walked over to the Lodge, which was part of the original Ranch School, a boarding school for boys. The government seized the school and surrounding lands in 1942 to build the secret laboratory. The building is beautiful and is on the National Register of Historic Places:The town and its history is interesting. In 1942, most of the Lab’s scientists were around the age of 25. They all shared P.O. Box 1663. You can read more about the scientists and listen to interviews here

Yesterday, we left Bandelier for Santa Fe. Bandelier is so beautiful–the canyons, the stars, and the mesas are spectacular. We highly recommend it. 

We loved Santa Fe last summer and vowed to return. Here we are! We are staying in a campground in the Santa Fe National Forest, about 15 minutes from downtown. We do not have internet/cell access at the campground. We enjoyed some treats yesterday–great coffee at Holy Spirit Espresso, breakfast at the Plaza Cafe, and a drink at the Pink Adobe’s Dragon Room. We went for a nice hike today and have a full day planned for tomorrow. 

We will be in Santa Fe for the next week and will write more about The City Different

P.S. Still no word from Sig. However, I walked into a store yesterday and saw this little bag:

I think Sig was sending me a sign. 


3 thoughts on “Los Alamos

  1. Hi Guys, Once again I am green with envy…..what wonderful adventures!!
    Loved the latest posts…you know I am just a sucker for anatomy…love it!!! The brain games….not so much….I have limited real estate up there these days.
    The school looks incredible. I am so glad it has been preserved as an historic site! The playhouse looks like fun….you are right….not the Cape Playhouse but I bet the inside and productions are just as special.
    We are all good will send you some pics of the Cape gardens!
    Continue with your priceless adventures we are with you in spirit! Take very good care of each other! Love you Mozzie
    PS I am sending you a text with a pic of Bill Atwood (Red Pheasant) and his striper after going out on Suzy Q las Tuesday!


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