Adventures in Santa Fe

We have been having a blast in Santa Fe. It is such a cool city with really interesting people. We are staying in the Santa Fe National Forest, in a great campsite. Ranger fits right in:

Ranger has green tinted rear windows, which Al the salesman assured us is, “So hot right now. Hot, hot, hot! Triple hot!” Therefore, one of Ranger’s nicknames is “Triple Hot.” Another one is “The Loaf” due to his rectangular appearance. 🍞

Anyway, Santa Fe is awesome. We have been enjoying great coffee in town and wonderful company at our site. We have met two couples from Santa Fe who make the short drive from the city to camp in the forest, where it is quiet and cooler. We have been excited to chat with them and see their cool rigs (a large coach and a Sportsmobile). They have provided a lot of helpful advice and fun conversation. 

The other day, we went to St. John’s College, which is famous for its Great Books program and Socratic philosophy. Their bookstore is a temple to the classics. We were excited to explore the campus and the reading list for undergraduates:

Today we went for a seven mile hike  to Atalaya Mountain. It was a pretty hike with good elevation gain to get the heart pumping! We stopped at the summit to look down at Santa Fe and observe a little horned toad: 

We plan to leave Santa Fe on Wednesday. From here, we will make our way to Taos. We are psyched to see Meredith and Tim on Saturday!

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We have been reading a lot, and you can see our list under the “entertainment” on our site. You can also leave us comments and/or questions on our posts, which we always enjoy reading. 

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! 


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Santa Fe

  1. Hi Guys, Santa Fe looks great! Ranger is looking fine and seems very happy with himself….a satisfied
    look that only comes with a job well done!! I am so happy you are making friends along the way!! For the most part people out there are pretty fun and interesting if given the opportunity.
    It was great talking to you tonight it is always fun and reassuring to hear your voice!!
    I am going to sit and read tonight….I have to get started on that reading list!’ Love you and very proud of you both!!
    Mozzie 🙆❤️🐸



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