Leaving Santa Fe, heading north.

On Tuesday, I went to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe (Tim was working at a local coffee shop). I like going to museums in new cities and try to read a little bit about the artist and the museum beforehand. I downloaded the museum’s app and bought along my headphones (the museum offers an audio tour, like the Dalí in St. Pete), and I find these apps helpful, especially when the museums are crowded. Fortunately for me, I was able to join a docent-led tour and it was very, very good. Gerry led the tour for an hour and provided insights into O’Keeffe’s life and work. 

O’Keeffe was/is an inspiring artist and person (you can read about her here) and the museum is a fitting tribute. It is sparse without being cold, and the space is perfectly sized with rooms that allow you to wander and weave throughout her work. It even has a small courtyard and a locker area, where I was happy to leave my headphones and phone while on the tour. I highly recommend the museum if you are in Santa Fe and I am looking forward to reading more about O’Keeffe. 

We left Santa Fe on Wednesday after one week in the Black Canyon Campground. We met wonderful people and were lucky to explore Santa Fe. We already have a list if other things we’d like to do when we return. 

On the way out of Santa Fe to Río Grande del Norte National Monument, we stopped at Ojo Caliente, which is a mineral springs resort and spa. It has several pools, including a mud pool. We bought a day pass and since it was earlier on Wednesday morning, we had many of the pools nearly to ourselves. It was relaxing and very quiet. We liked the soda pool and it felt great to soak for a few hours. I used the sauna before we left–I love saunas. I joke (mostly) that if Tim gets a job in a cold place, we will have to build a cedar sauna for me! Below are some photos of the grounds:

It was stormy over the mountains as we drove. So beautiful!

The del Norte Monument is stunning; it is 242,500 acres of land around the Río Grande River and was established as a monument in 2013. Our site was very private and allowed for great views of the canyon and river below. 

We went on a long hike yesterday along the very mighty Río Grande, which had Class VI rapids and connects with the Red River. 

We are in Taos today for groceries and to get ready for Meredith and Tim’s visit tomorrow! We are so excited to see them! They are driving from Denver and we will spend time with them in Taos and surrounding areas before we head to Colorado on Monday. 

Hello and love to all. 


Photo credits for first two O’Keeffe photos here and here



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