So Long, New Mexico

On Saturday, Meredith and Tim arrived in Wild Rivers. We had found another nice campsite right on the rim of the canyon, overlooking the Río Grande. 

We visited and went for a short hike on Saturday night. Tim built a great fire and we watched the International Space Station fly overhead. One of the highlights was watching the full moon rise over the mountains. 

We spent yesterday in Taos, which is a funky community north of Santa Fe. All the flowers were in full bloom, we had a great lunch, and the Bs requested a poem:

We also saw this advertisement and thought it could facilitate Sig’s return:

We ended the day with bagel pizzas and a moonrise viewing. It was refreshing to spend time with our friends in a spectacular setting. 

This morning, we left the great state of New Mexico. We have been traversing the state for a month. We have met inspiring and caring people along the way. We have hiked 100 miles, driven 1,500 miles, and been blown away by the landscape. We are grateful for its hospitality and beauty.

We went to Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve (post to come) and we will spend tonight in Colorado Springs before pushing north. 

Talk soon!


6 thoughts on “So Long, New Mexico

  1. Ali and Tim your travels are really taking to to places I have never been but always wanted to go. Thanks for sharing.
    On to con side, Mike P now want to do the same thing…I think is would like to visit these places but don’t think I could do it Ali and Tim style. Every time Mikes tries to talk me into it the vehicle is getting larger. I told him to take your Dad and Harry and have a good time. Your Mom and Maureen and I will catch up periodically as we go from Spa to Spa. HAHA
    We came up with the idea while we were wine tasting with your parents at the Cape after fun afternoon tooling around in the Susie Q!
    Trying out wines for Devin and Ashely’s Wedding. Found a winner in Sauvingon Blanc, Winterhaven a New Zealand wine.
    Now New Zealand is a place to travel to next! Isn’t that were the Hobbits live??
    Have a super time.
    Love you both
    Kathie and Mike Praino

    • Aww, thank you, Kathie! Haha, there are so many amazing spas out here! You would have a blast! Leave the van life to the guys! The wine sounds great and I know the wedding will be beautiful! Love to all!

  2. OMG!! The experience keeps getting better and better!! I honestly close my eyes and feel like I am there with you experiencing this incredible adventure with you! Thanks so much for sharing so gernerously!! Some day future generations will look at this blog (I am archiving it) and say what pioneers and brave souls preceded them!! I am soooo proud of you both!! 🙆👍❤️👏


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