Grand Teton National Park

On Friday, we left Colorado via Fort Collins. We had a great stop in this college city and decided to head over to the flagship location of New Belgium Brewing. We had a flight of beers and chatted with a retired chemistry professor for over an hour. I went to check out and two of the friendly bartenders asked where we were from and I told them our story. Soon, we were showered with free stickers, beer, and bottle openers. New Belgium is employee-owned and appears to treat their employees and customers well. We will feel good about buying their beer in the future. 

We then drove to Laramie, Wyoming to sleep. When we woke up, we drove another 3.5 hours to Rock Springs, Wyoming. People call this state “The Big Empty” and they aren’t kidding. We’ve never been in a state so devoid of people. The landscape is incredible, though.  We woke up early Sunday morning and made the drive to Grand Teton. Here are some photos from our drive:

The park is large, and we opted to stay in the larger campground last night so we could enjoy the southern part of the park. We hiked Jenny Lake loop to Inspiration Point:

We had a beer at Signal Mountain Lodge, which was relaxing and fun. We would recommend Signal Lake for showers, laundry, coffee, and camping when it’s less buggy. 

This morning, we changed our site to the quiet and beautiful Lizard Creek Campground and went for a hike at Christian Lake, in the center of the park. We were nearly the only people on the trail, which was filled with wildflowers. We were happy to have our bear spray with us!

Tomorrow, we will make the short drive to our camp in Yellowstone. We are planning to stay until Friday, when we make the push back east via Montana. 

Talk to you from Yellowstone!


5 thoughts on “Grand Teton National Park

  1. This is so beautiful! I’m catching up on your posts. There are funny pangs I can physically feel in my heart when I look at these pictures – so gorgeous! You’re so fortunate to spend so much time in the west!

    Also, from your other post: “too many beans/full-fat yogurt can result in bloat” – I’m sorry but I laughed at that!! Does that mean Damien’s yoghurt isn’t holding up?! I suppose adult gut is not equal to baby gut. Alas.

    • Haha! Yes–we overdid the yoghurt. The container is labeled as three servings!!! So good, but major belly rumbles.

      The West is beautiful and we have been so fortunate to explore it. We are headed for Minnesota now and are excited to be back home soon.

      Hugs to the three of you!

  2. Hi Guys, It’s me again! Just hearing about all the extreme heat and hoping you are maybe….dodging it or at least coping and finding ways to stay 😎 cool!! Love you!


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