Ranger in Billings, Part II

We received a call from Debbie this morning. Ranger’s parts had not arrived. She had warned us that overnighting parts to Billings does not always mean “overnight.” We remain cautiously optimistic that they will be in tomorrow.

In the meantime, we are enjoying Billings. Everyone has been very friendly here, asking us, “What are you doing today?” and then providing us with advice and recommendations.

We went to an enormous outdoor/sporting goods store and took some funny pictures:

I tried to fool Foz into thinking I caught this big trout, but he immediately dismissed it as a “phony.”

We had decided to trade in Ranger for a Wrangler, until we realized there was no back seat. 

We were (understandably) nervous while hiking in bear country, but here Tim looks like he is posing with an old friend. No bear spray necessary!

All in all, Billings is a good place to wait out Ranger’s repairs. We are especially fortunate that we have the loaner car (rocketship) to get us around town. 

Thanks for your support. 

To be continued (again)…



2 thoughts on “Ranger in Billings, Part II

  1. OMG! This sounds like a Hallmark movie….don’t scoff I love Hallma k.!These things happen for a reason so enjoy every second while Ranger is in the hospital! Love you Mozzie


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