Ranger in the Badlands

Good news, everyone! Ranger is back on the road. The staff at Billings VW worked overtime on a Friday so we could head out of Montana. Woo! We drove to Gillette, Wyoming for the night. On the way, we caught a beautiful sunset in the rearview as we left the West:

We woke up this morning and drove to Badlands National Park. The combination of rock and prairie is so interesting. It definitely had more of a Midwest feel to the park. We watched a film in the visitor center, drove the scenic hour-long route through the park, and did a couple of short hikes. 

It was very pleasant in the park, with a steady breeze and the crowds weren’t bad at all. The Badlands are known for their fossil labs, and you can watch scientists at work. Due to erosion, the Badlands will disappear as we know it in 100,000-500,000 years. 

We are staying at a nice campsite outside of the Badlands. We have about four to five days of long drives ahead, so please keep your fingers crossed for us and our buddy, Ranger. We are considering taking a couple of days in the Adirondacks and Vermont on our way home, weather and Ranger permitting. That would put us home in Massachusetts on July 5. We will keep you updated!



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