Maine, Heading South 

Last week, we drove up to Maine. Pat is now home and doing well, and we had a great time visiting with Rick, Denise, Michael, and Madeline. On the way back to Massachusetts, we stopped at Bowdoin, Diane’s beautiful alma mater:

We did some shopping in Freeport and Kittery. We really need new clothes. In between trading in my old Patagonia fleece for a new one (you can read about the Worn Wear program here), we ate generous scoops of Ben and Jerry’s “One Love” ice cream (whoa) and browsed the L.L. Bean campus. The below moose were found with their antlers locked together and their battle is reenacted in the store:

Maine was beautiful, even (especially) in the rain:

We have enjoyed a month in Massachusetts and are set to head back to Florida this weekend. We will be stopping in Pennsylvania to see our friends. We haven’t been in Bryn Mawr for over two years and we are excited to see our friends, their children, and our old haunts!

We have been away from Florida for nearly three months and we are excited to return to our home. Below are some of the things we are looking forward to:

  1. Our house, which we love and appreciate 
  2. Seeing our friends and neighbors 
  3. Finding Sig! 🐾🐾
  4. Grocery shopping
  5. Daily smoothies
  6. Palm trees 
  7. Coffee setup 
  8. Meaningful work
  9. Getting back into a routine 
  10. Driving small cars!

We are sad to leave Massachusetts, but we will be back frequently this fall. We are so happy that we have had the time to travel the country and see friends and family. 

Please keep your fingers crossed for a safe journey south. If all goes well, our buddy Ranger will have carried us 10,000 miles in less than three months! 

Talk to you from the road! 🚐 ✌🏻️


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